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Are you ready for a new world?

We now live in the digital world. As all our habits have changed shape, the money we use must keep pace with this new world. Crypto Dollar is the universal currency of the future.

The World's Largest Cryptocurrency Project

It is the right time to evaluate your investments in the digital market and make high profit in a short time. Don't waste time getting started right away.

To create the largest digital audience in the world with 25% of the xrp amount owned by the marketing incentive plan.

Bringing Crypto Dollar among the highest volume Coins in the world.

Increasing the XRP value to 5 USD.

Building the world's largest digital exchange.

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Road Map

We have big ideals, big projects. We will succeed all together.

Check out what we target step by step.

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Recent Transactions

List of recent transactions.

Name Country Amount Date
𝙻𝚢𝚗𝚗 𝚁𝚎𝚒𝚝𝚜𝚖𝚊 Belgium -390,00 XRP 29.11.2020 05:41:21
Hanry Carvalho Brasil -460,00 XRP 29.11.2020 05:41:28
Yassine kamkam Belgium -200 XRP 29.11.2020 05:45:02
Christopher Mitchell USA -410,00 XRP 29.11.2020 05:41:23
Biah Marques Brasil -150,00 XRP 29.11.2020 05:44:57
Marion Wigchert Belgium -410,00 XRP 29.11.2020 05:41:23
Juliana Brum Brasil -380,00 XRP 29.11.2020 05:41:20
ELMAR BABAYEV Azerbaijan -350,00 XRP 29.11.2020 05:43:17
Jayden Flores USA -400,00 XRP 29.11.2020 05:41:22
Helena Caires Brasil -430,00 XRP 29.11.2020 05:41:25
Name Country Amount Date
Laressa Fernandes Brasil 2050,00 XRP 29.11.2020 05:38:01
bernardo werner Brasil 100 XRP 29.11.2020 05:41:40
Alaylsom Costa Brasil 2300,00 XRP 29.11.2020 05:38:06
Cahangir Əzizov Azerbaijan 200,00 XRP 29.11.2020 05:38:00
Felipe Cardoso Brasil 2150,00 XRP 29.11.2020 05:38:03
Eduardo Vinícius Brasil 2050,00 XRP 29.11.2020 05:38:01
Vitória e Amanda Brasil 1900,00 XRP 29.11.2020 05:37:58
Rosane Jahn Brasil 1750,00 XRP 29.11.2020 05:39:55
Rodrigo Ramos Brasil 750,00 XRP 29.11.2020 05:41:35
Əli Həsənov Azerbaijan 1950,00 XRP 29.11.2020 05:37:59
Name Country Date
турсунов абдужалил Russia 29.11.2020 05:43:55
valdenia martins Brasil 29.11.2020 05:43:55
Rafe Ruiz Belgium 29.11.2020 05:43:52
Bruno Vilela Brasil 29.11.2020 05:43:57
Lloyd Radke Canada 29.11.2020 05:44:00
Alice Drawing Brasil 29.11.2020 05:47:29
Gisele Rodrigues Brasil 29.11.2020 05:43:53
Sophia Garavito Brasil 29.11.2020 05:47:34
Maria Clara Brasil 29.11.2020 05:43:54
Anneke Aalbregt Belgium 29.11.2020 05:45:49

Crypto Dollar Statistics

1 billion

Active participant target

1 XRP = 10 USD

Together we will increase the XRP value to 10 USD.

30 Countries

Experts and analysts from 30 countries came together for this project

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What They Said

" I worked in many projects. but I have never seen such a transparent and lucrative project as the cryptodollar project. I had the chance to save millions of xrp and cdlr with this project. I'm incredibly excited"

- Puja Charlotte

" My xrp coins are increasing rapidly. Earnings are very profitable. I highly recommend it."

- Benita Jensen

" I am very glad to meet Crypto Dollar. You can earn great wins. Don't forget to take your place."

- Mariano Balsamo

" Crypto dollar coins are becoming more valuable every day. Increase your coin count before it's too late!"

- Geisa Farias

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