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CDLR on Trading Platforms in May 2021

The World's Largest Cryptocurrency Project

It is the right time to evaluate your investments in the digital market and make high profit in a short time. Don't waste time getting started right away.

To create the largest digital audience in the world with 25% of the xrp amount owned by the marketing incentive plan.

Bringing Crypto Dollar among the highest volume Coins in the world.

Increasing the XRP value to 5 USD.

Building the world's largest digital exchange.

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Road Map

We have big ideals, big projects. We will succeed all together.

Check out what we target step by step.

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Crypto Dollar Statistics

1 billion

Active participant target

1 XRP = 10 USD

Together we will increase the XRP value to 10 USD.

30 Countries

Experts and analysts from 30 countries came together for this project

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What They Said

" I worked in many projects. but I have never seen such a transparent and lucrative project as the cryptodollar project. I had the chance to save millions of xrp and cdlr with this project. I'm incredibly excited"

- Puja Charlotte

" My xrp coins are increasing rapidly. Earnings are very profitable. I highly recommend it."

- Benita Jensen

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